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  • Qpad Booking App is Coming!

    Qpad, this new and exciting student accommodation product is now having it’s own mobile application to make booking easy and stress free.

    This App will also provide up to date information about completion dates, new locations and everything else you need to know about Qpads

    This product is aimed at post graduates looking for independent living space

  • Qtel - Budget Boutique

    Qtel is the smart, locally-influenced boutique hotel that helps make the most of time on the move, the traveller can be successful, both in work, relaxation and play.

    The design and tech savvy traveller, know what they want. This gives an opportunity to develop a brand offering good design, quality and service consistency at an affordable price point, in this segment of the market.

    Upon entry, guests will see and experience quality design and thoughtful planning, confirming they’ve made the right choice.

    Comfortably productive rooms, multi-purpose public areas and food & beverage offerings that perfectly match guest needs, coupled with the attentive professionalism required by the modern traveller.

    The décor for Qtel is a modern and sophisticated interpretation of the rich cultural tradition and natural beauty of The British Isles. Throughout the hotel, we’ve utilised indigenous materials such as stones, leather and woods, which carries a distinctive, yet modern look and feel.

    Qtel knows about travel and shows it!

  • Qpad

    Manor Property Group are delighted to announce its second student accommodation product - Qpad.

    Qpad is aimed at post graduates looking for independent living space - You need a degree for a key!

    Designed as self-contained apartments, offering the best possible flexible accommodation it can provide 2 bedroom living for individuals sharing the space. Alternatively, a couple learning together can use the space as a comfortable one bed apartment with lounge, or for one wishing for the ultimate post-grad experience. There will also be larger facilities for post graduates, requiring family accommodation.

    The Qdos smart room and on-line technology will support the product, just like Qdos Student Homes.

    The first Qpads are due for delivery at Manor Mill, Hull which starts on site early next year.

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