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Qdos student Homes and Qpads offer the best possible accommodation partnered with practical services such as laundry, café’s and gyms to re-define the student market. This project will change the face of student accommodation by adding both online and physical support to offer a ground-breaking all in one solution. Adding supporting brands complete the solution.

The supporting Qdos brands offer the first genuine link between online and physical activity with practical solutions for students. Most social networks deal with virtual communication with no link to the real world – Qdos and it’s family of brands all provide practical real world solutions that help in every aspect of their day to day life. This bridgehead between best in class student accommodation and virtual tools is new and innovative and offers real purpose to the social network phenomenon.


Lord Line Campus, Hull

  • 1231 Qdos Student Homes
  • Qdos Head Office
  • University study facility
  • Cafe
  • Convenience store
  • Student population 23,000
  • As the name implies Lord Line is a campus facility and is situated on the north bank of the River Humber. The scheme is built around a former marine dock and the iconic Lord Line shipping company buildings, creating a tranquil area for study with outstanding estuarine views. A local retail park and supermarket augment the on-site facilities. A complimentary bus service provides access to and from the university and central Hull.


Manor Point, Sheffield

  • 670 Qdos Student Homes
  • 183 Qpads Appartments
  • Cafe
  • Convenience store
  • Student population 28,000
  • Manor Mill Hull occupies a city centre location with good access to the university. The scheme includes a central pubic piazza surrounded by four restaurants and a hotel. Planning permission granted and terms agreed with all the key operators/tenants.


Manor Mill, Glasgow

  • 525 Qdos Student Homes
  • Cafe
  • Convenience store
  • Student population 49,000
  • Manor Mill Glasgow is situated on the northern edge of the city centre in close proximity to all three of the universities and the Glasgow School of Art. It is within easy walking distance of central Glasgow and has good road and public transport links.


Manor Point, Leeds

  • 540 Qdos Student Homes
  • Student population 59,000
  • Manor Point Leeds is situated on the westwn edge of the city centre close to the southern entrance of Leeds University and within an easy walk of the city centre.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Manor Point, Newcastle upon Tyne

  • 500 Qdos Student Homes
  • Cafe
  • Convenience store
  • Student population 51,000
  • Situated to the north east of the city centre, near to both the universities of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is within easy walking distance of the city centre and the popular student district of Jesmond, with good road and public transport links.