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Qdos the Student Support Solution

Qdos student Homes and Qpads offer the best possible accommodation partnered with practical services such as laundry, café’s and gyms to re-define the student market. This project will change the face of student accommodation by adding both online and physical support to offer a ground-breaking all in one solution. Adding supporting brands complete the solution.


Mrs. Mangles Laundry
Unique to Qdos Student Homes is Mrs Mangle's drop off and collect laundry boutique. Washing and ironing is never very exciting, so we provide a dry cleaning and ironing drop off service.
Mudskipper Internet Café
The onsite Mudskipper Internet Café will be open to Qdos Student Homes residents and the general public. Offering delicious and affordable drinks and snacks, Mudskipper Internet Café is the perfect place to surf the internet, meet with friends and family and to try our signature mudskipper dessert and coffee.
Sweaty's Gym
Join us at Sweaty's Gym to work out after a long day at university or night out with friends. Enjoy our pristine and state of the art facilities, open from 06.00 to 22.00 Monday - Sunday.
The first youth dedicated dating site in the UK with key safety and social enhancements to protect our students.
A health and tness solution for students geared to lifestyle and actions.
A definitive solution for the students biggest challenge. The best graduate positions gravitating towards the UK’s biggest commercial student network.
The tools of the trade, all in one place and on-demand. Offering storage, Microsoft and other software with support offering unparalleled and cost effective IT solutions.
A place for students to interact and be involved with the future development of the Qdos brand products.
The future of retail merging the physical and online shopping experiences to create a second generation online shopping experience that adds the theatre of the physical shop to the ease of online competitors.
The UK’s first dedicated student only banking system with a greater focus on online cash management and the ability to link more transaction online.
uses advanced software to offer diary, storage, social tracking and security to the usual chat and banter.
The supporting Qdos brands offer the rst genuine link between online and physical activity with practical solutions for students. Most social networks deal with virtual communication with no link to the real world – Qdos and it’s family of brands all provide practical real world solutions that help in every aspect of their day to day life. This bridgehead between best in class student accommodation and virtual tools is new and innovative and offers real purpose to the social network phenomenon.